School delays and closings stretch into Wednesday

Schools across the region closed for second day (PHOTO: KOMO News)

School closings and delays stretched into a third day with reports coming in early Tuesday evening. Dozens of schools did not wait to check the conditions and started scheduling delays early Tuesday evening.

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Among the delays, Sumner-Bonney Lake District decided to delay the start of school Wednesday two hours.

It was a gorgeous day with Mount Rainier out. But looks are deceiving. It never got above freezing and now the temperatures will plummet back into the teens overnight.

Tuesday morning the Sumner-Bonney Lake District joined more than 30 districts in Western Washington in closing school for a second day following the Super Bowl snowstorm. If the icy road conditions can make cars slide, the district said there's no way they're going to put their buses full of school children out on these treacherous streets.

Kids were seen out sledding on the closed school grounds. But as fun as this wintertime activity is it is going to push into summertime vacation. The district does not have any built-in snow days and so now the end of school is already extended to Monday June 24th.

Nicholis Parker, second grader, was asked, "do you want to go to school in the summertime?" He said, "No." "You may have to pay for it with a snow day today." "Yes."

"My son is already worried about having to go to school," said Jason Tucker, Bonney Lake parent. "But I'd rather take a day and play in the snow, take advantage of it before a sunny day in the summer."

From Seattle to Issaquah and from Bellingham to Fife schools all over the region, like in Marysville, made the tough call to keep the buses in the barn and keep the kids safe at home and off the slippery roads.

But for districts such as Puyallup, the call was for a 2-hour delayed start to let the sun melt some of the ice. It also means they get credit for a full day. For this district that's important because of what happened at the beginning of the school year. A teacher's strike delayed the start of school. That, along with a power outage after New Year's and Monday's snow day, school now is pushed to June 24.

But that's okay with the Dufton family. Annie Dufton, a Puyallup parent, said "These people are raising our children. I can only imagine what it would be like to have 15-20 of this one in classroom."

Brian Fox of the school district office said, "We're hopeful that we can attend the regularly scheduled days from here on out."

But there's more snow in the forecast. Luci Dufton, second grader, shouted, "yes." Her mom says she loves school and she loves snow, so it's all good.

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