Same driver busted 3 separate times for cheating HOV lane during emphasis patrol

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SEATTLE -- Washington State Patrol troopers busted over 1,700 drivers for cheating the HOV lanes during their emphasis patrol last week, but one driver in particular must have looked familiar.

One person was busted three separate times!

The emphasis was conducted last Monday through Friday across the Puget Sound region with an average of 17 motorcycle troopers patrolling areas where the most complaints about HOV cheaters are generated, according to Trooper Rick Johnson.

All totaled, troopers pulled over 1,756 drivers, of which 1,671 were handed a $136 ticket.

Some were a bit more creative in trying to cheat than others and ended up on the WSP Social Media wall of shame:

And some...apparently didn't learn the lesson. Johnson said 17 drivers were busted twice during the patrol, and there was the lone driver who managed to get caught three times!

“Ticketed THREE separate times?!” Trooper Johnna Batiste Tweeted upon hearing the news. "Holy moly! That’s some dedication to violating the HOV lane."

While it may seem like sneaking into the HOV lane doesn't really affect much besides garnering the ire of other drivers, troopers say that's not the case.

"The Washington State Patrol wants to stress that HOV violations do affect the transportation system as it is designed as stated by WSDOT," Johnson said.

Next up for troopers: An emphasis patrol on distracted driving.

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