Rowdy inmate attacks officers, assaults lawyer, tackles bailiffs in courtroom

KIMA-TV photo

YAKIMA, Wash. - A man sentenced to prison in April for a stabbing at a laundromat is in even deeper trouble now after assaulting two corrections officers, attacking his own attorney and then fighting with four court bailiffs at a rowdy hearing this week that was captured on video, police say.

The video, shot by KIMA-TV News, shows the man struggling with the bailiffs in the courtroom after he was bound and gagged. Now the man's attorney no longer wants to represent him as he awaits further sentencing for the assault on corrections officers.

The man, Jose P. Linares, 27, originally was tried and convicted in April for stabbing another man at a Sunnyside laundromat in 2016 after asking the victim what gang he was with. The trial was delayed repeatedly because Linares has a twin brother, and prosecutors needed to be certain they had charged the right twin.

In May, Linares was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the stabbing. But his troubles only got worse when he assaulted two corrections officers at the Yakima jail, and a new trial had to be scheduled for that attack.

During those court proceedings, Linares was convicted for the attack on the corrections officers. When he appeared later in court for his sentencing on that conviction, he attacked his own attorney, police say.

A new sentencing hearing was set for Wednesday, but Linares brought the proceedings to a crashing halt when he began fighting with the four bailiffs, who then gagged and restrained him before dragging him from the courtroom.

At that point, Linares' lawyer said he no longer wanted to represent him for safety reasons.

A new sentencing hearing has been scheduled for July 5.

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