Reunited! Pet pig returned to Everett family after surveillance footage surfaces

Reunited! Pet pig returned to Everett family after surveillance footage surfaces

EVERETT – First came the excited scream. Then the tears. On Thursday afternoon, 12-year-old Brooke Koles was reunited with her pet pig.

Copper, a Kune Kune-Julianna crossbreed pig, had been missing since Jan. 26, when it escaped from the family’s backyard through a fence.

A neighbor’s hunting dog tracked the scent of the pig to a nearby hardware store parking lot.

“I took him to their backyard where the pig was staying at, let him smell around, boy he dragged me down to Dunn Lumber, sat right by the front door, let me know he was there,” said Tony Youngblood, the owner of Blies, a 10-year-old Labrador.

KOMO acquired surveillance footage from the Dunn Lumber on Jan. 26.

In the video, you can see the pig walk into the parking lot. Minutes later, a red pick-up truck drove into the lot. Two men then stepped out of the truck and approached the pig.

The men had a brief conversation with a Dunn Lumber employee before picking up the pig, put it into the bed of their pick-up and drove off.

Cindy Newman, Brooke’s mom, filed a police report and posted ‘Pig Napped’ signs throughout the neighborhood with hopes of finding their missing pet.

For 12 days, Copper was missing.

On Thursday, Newman received an email from Sandi Quintero, who said a friend brought her the pig earlier in the week.

Quintero, who said she used to own a pig, said the friend had picked up the pig and brought it to her for safe-keeping.

Quintero said she saw Newman’s ‘Missing Pig’ post on Craigslist, and emailed her shortly after.

“It’s amazing. I was so happy,” said Brooke after being reunited with Copper Thursday.

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