Rescue under way for injured climber in Cascades

LEAVENWORTH, Wash. - Rescuers are trying to reach a Seattle-area woman injured in a fall on Mount Stewart, about 12 miles southwest of Leavenworth in Chelan County.

An emergency management specialist with the sheriff's office, Rich Magnussen, says high winds prevented helicopters from reaching the woman Wednesday. But a copter from Whidbey Island Naval Air Station dropped off a deputy and medic overnight about 2,200 feet below the woman's location.

The two have been climbing all night to reach the woman, and are now about 500 feet from her.

Magnussen says they hope to reach the woman soon, assess her condition and try to arrange an airlift with a Navy helicopter.

The sheriff's office says the 29-year-old woman was seriously injured when she slid about 800 feet to the 8,900-foot level of the mountain. Her climbing partner called 911 for help.
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