Report: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now worth over $141 billion

(File) Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder/CEO

NEW YORK - Jeff Bezos, who started in a Seattle garage in 1994, is now worth a record $141.9 billion, according to media reports.

That makes Bezos the richest person in the world by a stunningly huge margin. He is now worth roughly $49 billion more than Microsoft's Bill Gates and about $60 billion more than Warren Buffett, who are the second and third wealthiest humans on the planet, according to CNBC and Forbes.

And it is just one of many wins for the multi-billionaire, who has taken Amazon beyond retailing into entertainment and technology, and commands one of the world's most loyal customer bases.

In the process, Bezos has made Amazon one of the most valuable companies in the world and has transformed the city of Seattle by bringing in thousands of well-paid employees and fueling a construction boom that continues today. Amazon is now the city's largest business with about 45,000 employees.

Yet he and his company fought against a proposed head tax that would have generated an estimated $48 million to fight Seattle's homelessness emergency.

How much richer will Bezos become? Only time will tell.

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