''It's hard to ask for justice in Mexico, but it's not impossible''

Nestora Salgado speaks with Jaime Mendez of Univision Seattle/KUNS-TV on March 15, 2016.

MEXICO CITY -- Justice doesn't seem to work the same for everyone in Mexico.

"It's hard to ask for justice in Mexico, but it's not impossible," Rivero Espinoza said.

Espinoza is one of the lawyers of Nestora Salgado, the woman from Renton who has been imprisoned in Mexico City for almost three years with charges of kidnapping, robbery and even murder. Salgado left Renton to go to her hometown of Olinala to fight against organized crime, forming a community police group.

"When the violence started happening, when there were kidnappings every day, when there was murders, when there was extortions, all these things," said Espinoa's daughter Graciel Rodriguez said. "It broke her heart."

But Espinoza says an ex-governor of the state of Guerrero, along with his attorney general have detained several community police members in small towns to -- according to many who live there -- send a message of intimidation to other groups rising up.

But Nestora, is about to regain her freedom and in big part because of the international support -- keeping in mind she is a U.S. citizen.

Whatever the United States can do to pressure the Mexican government to force her release, we're going to do," said Rep. Adam Smith.

Also the Seattle City Council has passed a resolution urging her release.

But perhaps the biggest international pressure is a letter from the United Nations saying that her detention is illegal and arbitrary, and that she must be released immediately.

Thanks to all the attention, she could be released as early as Thursday or Friday.

We asked if her release will make her happy.

"I wish I could say I was happy, but I'm not -- not yet," Salgado said.

She knows even if she is free soon, many others like her are still imprisoned illegally in her state, and that is why she plans to go back to her fight against injustice and corruption in Mexico.

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