Real or prank? Everett clown 'attack' spreads on social media

Real or prank? Everett clown 'attack' spreads on social media (KOMO News)

Surveillance video appears to show a person dressed as a clown swing a shovel at a woman on an Everett street. But is it real or a prank? Everett Police haven’t ruled out either possibility.

John Stolzenburg was watching the surveillance cameras at Z Sport Automotive on Tuesday night just before midnight when he noticed a creeping clown carrying a shovel across the street.

“My fingers froze, but then I had to stay on him,” Stolzenburg said. “Because it’s a clown with a shovel on the sidewalk right in front of the shop.”

Video shows the clown lurking on the sidewalk and hiding in the bushes every few seconds.

After around two minutes, the clown darts down the sidewalk toward a woman and swings the shovel at her. She appears to flee in fear, and the clown chases her around the corner and out of sight.

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“It’s just creepy,” Stolzenburg said. “And it’s still creepy looking at it right now.”

The owner of Z Sport Automotive runs a live stream from his cameras online because of the encampments on his street. The feed is now called “Everett Encampment Live.”

Everett Police can’t say if the attack was real. They tell KOMO News they received a call from someone watching the surveillance video, but by the time officers arrived they could not find the woman or the clown.

Right now Everett Police are not actively investigating, because they say there’s no evidence an actual crime was committed. That could change if they identify the woman seen fleeing, and they’re hoping someone has video or information that could help.

“I think it was a prank,” Stolzenburg said. He believes the woman was in on it, and the two were performing for the cameras. But he’s not amused.

“That’s pretty serious,” he said. “Somebody could have gotten hurt.”

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