Deputies raid notorious Pierce Co. drug house to find 22 people living inside, 7 arrested

PARKLAND, Wash. - Seven people were arrested Wednesday morning during a Sheriff SWAT team raid on a suspected drug house in Pierce County.

Investigators said the home on 150th Street E. in Parkland is a notorious drug house nicknamed "The Trap House."

Detectives served a search warrant and found 22 people and three pit bulls living inside the home.

They also found the house littered with uncapped syringes, heroin paraphernalia and dog feces.

Six people were arrested and booked for warrants, one of them also had drugs on them The home owner was also arrested for unlawful use of a building for drug purpose. The dogs were impounded by animal control.

“It's frustrating. There's clearly a lot of drugs,” said neighbor Michelle Holt.

Neighbors said the home has been an ongoing problem and it's not the first time Sheriff's deputies have busted people at the home.

“There is obviously illegal activity going on constantly,” said Holt. “There are always people in and out of the house.”

Pierce County deputies said they've gotten more than 100 calls in the past three years to deal with disturbances there.

“The community made calls. It didn't seem like anything was getting done,” said neighbor Christian Walker.

“We're just glad they took action,” said Jeremy Ickes.

A raid in December ended in eight arrests and four people left in handcuffs during another disturbance in September. Many living nearby wonder what will happen next.

“I want them to shut the house down,” said Holt.

KOMO News tried to reach the homeowner by phone tonight but have not heard back.

Several Pierce County agencies are looking to see if the home has any code violations. They said it's possible the home could be condemned.

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