Protestors take to streets of Seattle to voice opposition to Kavanaugh's nomination

Protesters take to streets of Seattle to voice opposition to Kavanaugh's nomination (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE - With his Senate confirmation hanging in the balance, Judge Brett Kavanaugh penned an 11th hour op-ed in the Wall Street Journal defending his nomination and his testimony at last week's hearing.

However, a starkly different viewpoint played out on the streets of Seattle Thursday night, as protesters called Kavanaugh a liar, and worse.

Given the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh, the crowd that filled Westlake Park said too much is at stake to put him on the U.S. Supreme Court where he can shape laws for a generation to come.

“My biggest concern is that.we're on the verge of cementing the most conservative majority since the early 1900s,” said Eric Buhle, one of hundreds of protesters who gathered in downtown Seattle.

Demonstrators said the sexual assault allegations are just the start of the problems they have with President Donald Trump’s nominee.

“He also - beyond being a sexual predator - stands for a lot of things that I do not,” said Helen Gilbert, a member of Radical Women.

Many demonstrators said the confirmation process was rigged from the start, and they fear that a man with a questionable past will win a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court.

“I'd personally be devastated,” said Katha Dalton. “I think the country is pretty divided right now."

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