President Obama's sister visits Mercer Island

    Photo Courtesy: Stanley Ann Dunham Scholarship Fund. (Above: Stanley Ann Dunham, left, with her two children, Barack, middle, and Maya, right)

    MERCER ISLAND, Wash. -- It wasn't necessarily a presidential visit, but close to it. President Obama's sister visited Washington state Saturday to share some of their family's legacy.

    Maya Soetoro-Ng attended the Congregational Church of Mercer Island for a panel discussion about stereotypes. She also presented two scholarships to local High School students.

    The connection between the Obama family and Mercer Island goes way back.

    Maya and Barack Obama's late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, graduated from Mercer Island High School in 1960.

    The scholarship award is named after Dunham and was presented by Maya to honor her mother's memory.

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