Port of Everett: Oops, sorry for the blaring tug boat horn all night

    Nighttime at the Port of Everett where a tugboat's horn got stuck on for approximately 4.5 hours Sunday night. (Via video by Timothy Ellos)

    EVERETT, Wash. -- Imagine a car alarm going off in the dead of night. Only it didn't stop. For hours.

    Now amplify that sound to a ship's horn that is designed to carry wide distances and you can imagine what some residents of Everett had to endure Sunday night when a tug boat horn got stuck in the on position.

    "We apologize for the prolonged horn noise at the Port last night," Port of Everett CEO Les Reardanz said in a letter addressed to neighbors. "One of our customers has been doing some finishing work on a new ocean-going tug boat, and the horn malfunctioned."

    Some residents posted on KOMO's Facebook page that the horn went on for hours.

    Timothy Ellos gives us this taste of what he had to listen to, adding it went off from about 11 p.m. to 3:30 a.m.:

    With record heat that had temperaturues well into the upper 80s only a few hours earlier, residents were faced with a choice in their likely non-air-conditioned homes and apartments: Open the windows and suffer the noise, or close the windows and suffer the heat.

    Reardanz says the customer has assured them they have remedied the issue.

    "Please accept our sincere apologies on the noise, the time it took to figure out how to turn off the horn and the fact that it happened on the hottest day of the year so far. "

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