For sale: Tulip Town, the iconic Mount Vernon farm

Tom and Jeannette De Goedes have decided that they have to sell the Tulip Town farm in Mount Vernon. (Photo: KOMO News)

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. -- The owners of Tulip Town, a popular tulip farm in Mount Vernon, are selling their 30-acre labor of love.

There's something special about the farm, which sits off Bradshaw Avenue.

"As I look around, it's just beautiful memories," co-owner Jeannette De Goede told KOMO News on Thursday.

Memories of all the trees and tulips De Goede and her husband, Tom, have planted.

The water wheel nearby that moves in the rain or the windmill that reminds him of the ones back home in Holland.

"Part of heaven," Tom De Goede said.

"It’s God’s country," his wife added. "We’re doing what He wants us to do, when He wants us to do it. Yeah, it’ll always be peaceful out here."

That's why the decision to sell Tulip Town is so difficult.

But after 35 years, the De Goedes just feel like it's the right time to let it go.

Jeannette is now 79 years old.

Tom is 84.

"It’s been a three-year decision," Jeannette De Goede said. "And I keep saying ‘It’s not because we want to retire. It’s because of our age.' And we start to realize it’s a responsible thing to do to pass along that torch."

For now, the De Goedes continue to get ready for the up-coming Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April.

But they hope to have a buyer for their farm by September.

It includes their home and all of their equipment to plant and harvest tulips.

"It’s vital that we find the right person. And I’m hoping it will be a person who loves tulips and has a creative mind, so they can keep creating until our age," Jeannette De Goede said.

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival will be held as scheduled this year.

But Executive Director Cindy Verge doesn't yet know what the sale of Tulip Town will mean for the festival starting next year.

"Hopefully it’ll mean nothing. Hopefully we’ll have fantastic new owners that buy Tulip Town and they’ll continue to run it along the same lines as Tom and Jeannette. So, they’ll still be two great destination gardens for people to go to," Verge said.

For the De Goedes, it would be a shame not to see beautiful colors bloom at Tulip Town every spring.

Those colors are a sign of the love and peace they've brought to the farm for so many years.

"It’s just a beautiful life. There’s no question about it," Jeannette De Goede said.

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