Police: Woman doused husband with gas, set him on fire

RENTON, Wash. -- Renton police are looking for a woman accused of dousing her husband in gasoline and lighting him on fire Wednesday morning.

Police say a 52-year-old man who walked into a convenience store early Wednesday seeking medical help told officers and medics that a woman poured gasoline on him and lit him on fire inside his nearby apartment.

The man was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of serious but not life-threatening burns.

Police later identified the man's wife, Tatanysha Hedman, as a prime suspect in the case. Hedman, who lives with the victim, was not at the couple's apartment when police arrived looking for her.

Officers searched the area but didn't find the woman.

Police say the 40-year-old may be driving an older pickup truck, possibly a 1970s vintage Chevrolet.

Anyone with information about Hedman's whereabouts is asked to call the Renton Police Department at (425) 430-7500
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