Police: Screaming stranger chases victims with hatchet, climbs into bed with woman

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LA CENTER, Wash. – Police say an intoxicated man chased two people with a hatchet and climbed into bed nearly naked with a woman at a Vancouver home on Tuesday.

Police responded to a residence in the 39000 block of Northeast 6th Avenue at 5:24 a.m. for a report of a naked man inside a home.

When police arrived, they saw a man in green shorts running around the house. When an officer pursued him, the man got in a minivan and reversed out of the driveway, then stopped, which allowed police to take him into custody.

According to court documents, the investigating officer said it was immediately apparent the man was extremely intoxicated.

The officer then spoke with the woman, who owns the home, and a roommate and their friend who recounted what happened.

The roommate and the friend said they were hanging out in the shop on the property when the suspect, who they had never seen before, walked into the shop “like he owned the place.”

They two said they were alarmed but could tell the suspect was intoxicated and they tried to calm him down and get him home. They spent about a half-hour trying to calm the man down before he broke a liquor bottle and they asked him to leave.

They said the suspect then became agitated and picked up a hatchet which was sitting on a table and chased the two while screaming.

They two tried to grab the hatchet from the man, and he cut one of them on the finger before they managed to pull the hatchet away from him and he left the shop.

Meanwhile, the homeowner told police she was sleeping in her bedroom when she was awakened by a strange man wearing only underwear “flopping” on her bed. She said she was scared and ran out of the house to meet her roommate and friend.

They determined the man had entered the house when he left the shop.

The suspect was arrested for investigation of first-degree burglary, second-degree assault and residential burglary.

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