Police: Naked Tukwila man attacks neighbor, dangles baby over balcony

TUKWILA, Wash. -- Police say a naked man attacked his neighbor, got away, then dangled his 5-week-old baby from his balcony before he was arrested.

This all unfolded Sunday morning at the Pacific Court Apartment complex in Tukwila. Both police and the victim described the man as "out of control."

"He started choking me," said a woman named Kelly.

We won't show Kelly's face or reveal her full name, but her story of survival empowers her, and that part she is willing to share.

"I think he would have raped me and then would have killed me," she said.

She is certain it would have been much worse had it not been for neighbors who heard the commotion and called police. Maybe it was Kelly's door being kicked in, or the mirror she said he pulled from her wall and shattered.

"He smashed this big long mirror," she said. "He had that piece and threatened to cut me with that."

It was her neighbor, a man she's known for four years and has always known as Monty.

Police identified him as 28-year-old Ifeanyi Chiegbu.

Kelly barley managed to reach for the the phone to call 911, but said Chiegbu bit the phone's cord in half before she could make the call.

"He goes, 'I'm going to (expletive) you and hurt you now.'"

Police heard her screams and found Chiegbu naked, and on top of her. As they pulled him off, court filings say the man's wife showed up and started fighting with officers, allowing the suspect time to jump off Kelly's second floor balcony.

Officers surrounded his apartment and a standoff began. According to court records, at times during the standoff a naked Chiegbu dangled his 5-week-old daughter by one arm from his second-floor balcony.

The moment he left the balcony to go into his apartment, Tukwila officers pounced, and took him down with a stun gun.

"Monty really is a nice guy when he is chemically balanced, but when he is not he is a dangerous monster," said Kelly.

She said the defendant's wife claimed Chiegbu recently went off his medication.

Chiegbu is charged with attempted rape and reckless endangerment and is scheduled to be in court for an arraignment on January 11. His wife is facing a misdemeanor charge. The baby was unhurt.

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