Schools locked down in 2 separate shootings in Seattle

Police and medics respond to the shooting in Seattle's Dunlap neighborhood. (KOMO News photo)

SEATTLE - Two South Seattle schools were locked down Wednesday after a report of gunfire.

Christian Corpuz, whose sister attends Cleveland High School, described a chaotic situation – a school locked down and students fearing they were going to be killed.

Corpuz rushed to the high school after receiving a text from a friend who was inside.

He said the teen said in the text: 'I’m on lockdown and if I don’t get back to you, I’m probably dead.'

Corpuz said, “I just rushed right over here and I just wanted to make sure everything is ok with my sister, she’s a senior here.”

Seattle police said they were dispatched to the high school for a report of shots fired nearby and a youth who was possibly wounded.

Seattle Public Schools told KOMO News that they learned about the gunfire during their lunch break.

"Today during the lunch break, Cleveland Administrators were notified by some of our students that shots were fired near Cleveland High School, the School District said in a statement. "The school immediately contacted the Seattle Police Department and went into a lockdown. The suspects fled to the greenway near Dearborn Park Elementary, resulting in another lockdown.”

But two hours after the gunfire, Seattle police said it’s unclear if any shots were ever fired. They say the student who was wounded was treated for a “scratch,” not a gunshot wound after a group of teens allegedly tried to carjack him.

Four teens were questioned by detectives.

“There’s been too many shootings the past couple of years, especially a lot of kids,” Corpuz said.

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