Police: Man used hidden camera in bathroom to spy on co-workers

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. -- An employee at a popular Bainbridge Island restaurant is accused of spying on his own co-workers with a hidden camera, and it's not the first time he's been accused of this crime.

Scott Fuchs was charged with voyeurism on Thursday after police said he used a cell phone camera to record video of his own co-workers in a unisex bathroom. According to the probable cause statement, Fuchs was an Assistant Manager/Bartender at Doc's Marina Grill last month when he placed the camera in the employee bathroom.

"We have a great restaurant and a great family here," said Doc's Marina Grill owner Tom Aydelotte. "To have somebody within our mix do something that - something like (voyeurism) - that's just disgusting."

A male employee found the phone inside a black plastic bag between the toilet bowl and trash can. It was in video mode and recording video, according to court documents. The worker, who is no longer employed at Doc's Marina Grill, then gave the phone to Bainbridge Island Police.

A detective got a search warrant and reviewed the video on the phone. According to court documents, the video shows Fuchs concealing the phone in the employee bathroom then leaving.

"Scott's a very likeable man. He's very good with customers; very detail-oriented as a bartender. He did a great job for us. I couldn't have forecasted this," Aydelotte said.

In 2007, Bremerton Police arrested Fuchs for similar behavior. He was accused of videotaping people in restrooms at a Bremerton golf range, where he was a manager. A judge later dismissed the voyeurism charge after finding detectives exceeded the scope of a search warrant.

"He assured me that was a dark spot in his past. That he'd been through a great deal of counseling," said Aydelotte who learned of Fuch's criminal history last week after another employee showed him an article on the 2007 case. "Having known him and worked with him I felt confident that it was a piece of his past."

According to court documents, Fuchs confessed to the crime at Doc's Marina Grill during a phone conversation with his mother from the jail, saying, "I'm not gonna get out of this one the way I did last time"

He also told her, "I guess I have a problem" and "I deserve this."

Fuchs was arrested on Wednesday while working at the restaurant.

"I think we're all victims in this situation. It's really sad. This isn't the reason I wanted Doc's to be known in the community," said Aydelotte.

During Fuchs' court appearance on Thursday, District Court judge Stephen Holman set a $25,000 with conditions if Fuchs is released from jail.

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