Police: 'Paranoia' may have caused man's rampage that ended outside Tumwater Walmart

Police say Tim Day was shot and killed by a bystander outside the Tumwater Walmart on Sunday, June 17, 2017, after a carjacking and shooting rampage. (Photo: KOMO News)

TUMWATER, Wash. - Tumwater police are looking into the possibility that paranoia caused a man to go on rampage Sunday ending in his death at the Walmart.

Tim Day wasn't supposed to have a gun, but police say he got one from his fiancee.

The Walmart was back open Tuesday after being closed two days following that shooting rampage and carjackings that all started several miles away at a gas station.

Store video showed what police said is Day driving his small car into the Texaco on Black Lake Blvd, circling around and stopping at a car getting gas.

WATCH: Gas station surveillance video of Tim Day:

He then gets out of his car and gets in the driver's seat of a family's car and almost instantly gets back out and into his own car.

"It's all absolutely insane," said gas station customer Milton Mathis.

"At this point we're not sure what his motive was," said Laura Wohl of Tumwater Police. "There are some indications that he may have been experiencing a little bit of paranoia and wasn't sure whether his car and his situation were safe."

Police said they're glad no one was hurt, because later Day would shoot at drivers.

He is a convicted felon with several prison stays and therefor not supposed to have a gun, but police said he took one from his fiancee.

Police said it's unclear whether the fiance will be liable, but add there's no law saying she has to lock up her guns.

Day was eventually shot and killed by an armed off-duty paramedic who is also a local pastor. He doesn't want his name known.

"Thank God for a concealed weapons permit state we live in and those two men were carrying at the time," said Mathis. "We get a bad rap in this state about the 'open carry' law and concealed weapons permit, but that day it prevailed and somebody's life was saved."

"I want to tell him thank you and I would like to shake his hand and meet him," said Tyler Fievez, whose dad Rickey is still hospitalized after police say Day shot him twice while trying to stealing Fievez's car.

"That bystander is a hero," said Tyler Fievez. "That guy could have killed both my parents plus plenty more people."

Rickey Fievez was going through spinal surgery at Harborview Medical Center Tuesday.

"Of what we've heard the bullets are still inside of him," said Tyler Fievez. "They're going to look for that in his surgery, too. To see if they can take them out. Bullet fragments went into his spine so that's why he's paralyzed from the neck down."

Tyler's mom, Melinda Hill, was also in the car and hurt by flying glass. She actually works at that store and the family said Walmart is going out of it's way to help her through this.

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