Police make arrest in rape at Bellingham park

    Police say two men raped a woman at Bellingham's Maritime Heritage Park on June 7, 2016.

    BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- Police have arrested a suspect in Port Angeles in a June 7 rape at Bellingham's Maritime Heritage Park.

    Detective Sue Howell, who was following up on the sexual assault case, had identified the suspect, police say. The suspect, who had no known address, had been staying in the park during the time of the sexual assault and looked similar to the composite drawing the victim had provided. He also had similar clothing and physical characteristics, including a nipple ring the victim had described, police say.

    Officers contacted the suspect at Maritime Heritage Park on June 9. He denied having sexual contact with anyone but agreed to give police a DNA sample.

    That sample matched with evidence from the rape, police learned on Friday.

    But the suspect took a train to Edmonds on June 13, then a ferry to Port Angeles. Port Angeles police police arrested the suspect on Saturday.

    Bellingham police say investigators are still trying to identify a second person involved in the rape. The suspect under arrest has refused to give investigators information about a second attacker.

    The suspect arrested in Port Angeles has been booked into jail.

    You can make tips on this case by calling Sue Howell at 360-778-8682 or report it on the city's website.

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