Police look for driver after newly wed thrown from car in hit-and-run in Tacoma

Investigators said the car involved in the hit-and-run looks like a Chevy Malibu but they couldn't see the license plates. If you know anything, call Tacoma Police. (KOMO News)

TACOMA, Wash. -- A wedding celebration ended with a hit-and-run crash in the heart of downtown Tacoma early Sunday morning.

Right now, police are looking for the driver who is seen on surveillance video speeding away after Anthony Diss falls from the driver's car and is left on the ground.

Disss said he should have been celebrating the start of a new chapter with his new wife. Instead, he was worried about the end.

"I think that was the closest I ever was to dying, I didn't even think it was real,” Diss said. “It was crazy.”

Hours after his wedding, you see Diss in surveillance video getting thrown from a moving car, then the car speeds away, leaving him on the ground.

Diss said shortly before that, his new wife had dropped her bag while they were in the crosswalk at 11th and Broadway and while she got down to pick it up, he saw a car coasting up at them and he waved it to stop.

"I put my hands for him to stop and as soon I put my hands for him to stop, he gunned it and this is where we took the impact. I landed on his hood,” said Diss, describing the incident.

Next thing, Diss said he was on the hood of the car and the car carries him a for a block until the driver slams on the brakes and Diss tumbles off.

Investigators said the car looks like a Chevy Malibu but they couldn't see the license plates. Diss hopes the video compels someone to come forward.

Diss is offering up a $2500 reward out of his own pocket to anyone with information.

If you know anything, call Tacoma Police.

"I would like the guy to come clean and do the right thing so we can get it resolved,” Diss said. “If it happened once, it will happen again.”

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