Police: Alleged home-invasion robbers target South Seattle, Skyway

Police: Alleged home invasion robbers target South Seattle, Skyway (KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- Seattle police said they have seen a surge of violent home-invasion robberies, just three have occurred over the past week.

Capt. Deanna Nollette, who oversees the major crimes division, said suspects have forced their way into homes in South Seattle and terrorized victims. Alleged robbers have been in search of money, prescription drugs and electronics.

“Multiple suspects kicking in doors of residents that are occupied and then committing basically robberies within those residences,” Nollette said. “It’s a very brazen crime.”

Standing outside his home on 36th Avenue South on Wednesday, Adam Provo talks about hearing police swarm his neighbor’s house on Sunday night in search of a group of alleged robbers. He said officers yelled at the people inside the home to come out with their hands up.

“A couple jumped out the windows when the police arrived and the family barricaded themselves in the room while this was going on,” Provo said.

The family living at the home barricaded themselves inside a bedroom to hide from suspects. Police arrested several people in connection with the robbery.

Nollette said detectives are still searching for suspects in other home invasion robberies dating back to October. One victim in these robberies had a knife held against her neck and another was pushed to the floor. Another victim was kidnapped by suspects and ordered to drive to a cash machine in another robbery a victim, according to police.

“At some point we’re either going to end up with a victim seriously hurt or wind up with a suspect killed by a homeowner,” Nollette said.

King County sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said their detectives are working with Seattle police to arrest home invasion suspects. She said deputies are close to arresting a group of men who forced their way into a Skyway woman’s home in October, she said they pistol-whipped the elderly woman before they ran off with a number of stolen items.

In a video released by the sheriff’s office, the Skyway woman can be seen running across her living room with an armed man chasing her. She can be heard screaming throughout the video which was captured by an in-home security system.

The video shows men walking through her home, one apparently smiling after finding something.

West said the woman installed the camera system after her house was burglarized earlier this year.

“We’ve been working closely with Seattle PD they’ve had a number of home invasion robberies and we believe our home invasion robberies are connected to at least one of theirs,” West said.

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