'He's a good kid:' Family mourns man killed in shooting outside Marysville motel

Tye Burley (Photo provided by family)

MARYSVILLE, Wash. - Police have arrested the last two suspects tied to the fatal shooting of a casino winner outside a Marysville hotel.

They were found nearly 1,300 miles away in San Diego County, Calif.

Investigators said on Feb. 20, four men robbed the victim, 30-year-old Tye Burley, of $7,000 that he won at a casino and then shot him in the head before taking off.

Burley's Mother Lynette Burley and Grandma Carol Dahl are relieved the suspects were caught.

“They got a long ways. I don't know how they did. But they did,” said Burley. “I'm glad they didn't hurt anyone else along the way.”

Burley showed the tattoo she’s now wearing in honor of her son.

“I got this because my son got it on his arm,” she said. “We did it because we figured he'd want it done.”

Tye Burley died last week, two days after he was shot.

Police said Tye was with a friend when he was assaulted, robbed, and shot outside of the Village Inn and Suites in Marysville.

A total of four suspects took off in a white Dodge Durango with Tye's wallet filled thousands of dollars.

Police found and arrested two of the suspects -Jeremy Dailey and Jarrod Evans - they went before a judge last week to face charges.

“One of them is Tye's friend. He helped him out all the time,’ said Lynette Burley.

According to Tye's mother and grandmother, one of the suspects is homeless. They said Tye often brought him food from McDonald’s or helped him get a hot shower.

“Caring and loving. He's a good kid. Big heart. Sometimes your big heart gets you in trouble,” said Lynette Burley.

Police say the two remaining suspects were found and arrested Tuesday night in Escondido, a suburb north of San Diego.

Jorge Martinez and Jose Nava are convicted felons and have gang ties according to investigators.

Lynette Burley said losing her son over casino winnings is unbelievable.

“The stupidity. It’s wrong,” she said. “It's just pathetic and wrong.”

The two suspects in custody in Snohomish County face first degree assault and robbery charges. Their bail is set at $1 million.

The last two suspects still in San Diego County face murder charges for now.

Their bail has been set at $5 million each. No word when they will arrive back in Snohomish County.

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