Police: 5 people injured in Tacoma shooting

Tacoma Police are investigating a shooting that sent 5 people to the hospital Aug. 20, 2016. (KOMO)

TACOMA, Wash. - Police are investigating after five people were shot in Tacoma early Saturday morning.

Officers reported hearing several gunshots fired just before 2:00 a.m. on Pacific Avenue, between 7th Street and 9th Street.

When they arrived on scene, they found two people, a 21-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy with gunshot wounds.

Witnesses told police it started out as a fight, then gunfire rang out.

"We haven't had anything like this happen down here for a couple of years," said Tacoma Police Public Information Officer, Loretta Cool.

The victims were taken to Saint Joseph's Hospital.

Three other victims, all men ages 18, 19 and 27, also showed up at the same hospital a short time later with gunshot wounds.

Tacoma Police said they did not receive any calls about the shooting and right now detectives don't have any suspects.

"The problem is we've had so many varying witness statements," said Cool.

No word on the conditions of the victims.

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