Pierce County Sheriff's Sergeant charged with stabbing man during night out

Pierce County Sheriff's Sergeant charged with stabbing man during night out

A Pierce County Sheriff's Sergeant has been charged with assault after a stabbing in Tacoma on Oct. 5, 2018.

Newly released court documents said Sgt. Robert Glen Carpenter repeatedly stabbed a man outside a Tacoma pot shop on Pacific Avenue, while the victim was yelling, “Help me! He is killing me!” with his hands covered in blood.

The charging documents said Carpenter stabbed a man who stole his gun during a night out.

According to the documents, Carpenter met some men at a Tacoma bar where they were drinking and “made plans to go to a marijuana dispensary and then get a hotel room.”

Later in the night, the documents said, Carpenter bought the men marijuana edibles, but one of the men told Carpenter he wanted to smoke marijuana instead because edibles don't get him high.

Then the court documents said, “Carpenter then lifted up his shirt exposing his handgun."

Investigators said the man, “took this as a threat and felt that it was a “fight or flight time,” so the man took the gun away from Carpenter.

However, court documents said Carpenter followed the man and "Carpenter produced a knife and began slashing and stabbing" the victim until he was covered in blood.

Carpenter's attorney and friend, Bryan Hershman said that is not the whole story because Carpenter is a model sergeant.

"There is no question this is beyond self-defense. And beyond defense of property,” said Hershman. “There are critical facts left out that we will attempt to highlight in the course of the litigation and the investigation."

Carpenter has been serving and protecting Pierce County for 25 years. He is also a certified use of force expert.

"Glen Carpenter was my friend and a man I revered long before he was my client,” said Hershman. “Glen Carpenter is revered by other police officers."

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor released a statement about the charge saying, “Glen Carpenter has been charged with a felony crime. I believe that this criminal matter needs to be handled by the justice system in the same manner as it would for any other citizen. A notice of intent to terminate his employment has been issued based upon the investigation completed by the Tacoma Police Department.”

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