Photos: World's oldest flyable Boeing plane makes final flight

The world's oldest flyable Boeing all-metal airliner made its last flight on April 26, 2016. Seattle, Wash. KOMO Photos.

SEATTLE -- A rare Boeing 247D took a victory lap around the city before retiring to the Museum of Flight's permanent display Tuesday morning.

The 83-year-old plane is only one of four remaining in the world, and is considered the world's oldest flyable Boeing all-metal airliner, according to the Museum of Flight.

The classic twin-engine plane used to make appearances at airshows and events around the country after newer designs rendered it obsolete. It was built in 1933, and boasted unmatched speed and comfort for passengers, the Museum said. Restoration began in 1979, and the plane made its first post-restoration flight in 1994.

On a clear Tuesday morning, the plane lifted off, piloted by Mike Carriker and Chard Lundy. With a backdrop of blue skies and the Puget Sound, the 247 flew from Paine Field to Boeing Field where it'll be on permanent display for visitors.

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