Researchers get new pics of baby orca frolicking in Strait of Juan de Fuca

L124 (Photo by Melisa Pinnow / Center for Whale Research)

POINT WILSON, Wash. -- Whale researchers got quite the treat Friday when they were able to spot a new baby whale calf swimming with its family near Point Wilson.

The calf had first been confirmed by aerial video from Air 4 on Thursday. A research team with the Center for Whale Research went out Friday morning and headed toward Admiralty Inlet. They first found the K Pod swimming at the north end of the inlet, but found the L Pod not too much later swimming a few hundred yards away -- including the new baby calf dubbed L124, the Center posted on their web page.

"All of L pod was accounted for and L77’s new calf, L124, was confirmed at 0950," the Center wrote. "The calf appeared to be about 3 weeks old and was bouncing around between L25, L41, L77 L85, and L119. A gender was not revealed during the encounter but there will hopefully be more opportunities in the future."

Researchers said the new calf kept up well with his family, and that later in the morning were treated to a remarkable sight where everyone from the J, K and L pods gathered together to socialize.

"If all of J pod was indeed there, then all 75 of the endangered southern resident orcas were in the same area together," researchers wrote.

Read more about their encounter on the Center for Whale Research web page.

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