Overnight windstorm wreaks havoc across western Washington


The overnight winds wreaked havoc all across the Puget Sound region. In South Hill in Pierce County, one man had a close call thanks to Mother Nature.

A 80-foot fir tree fell on his home, crashing right into the spare bedroom he was standing in. He never saw it coming. Somehow, he walked away, without a single scratch.

“Luck is what luck is,” said the homeowner who does not want to be identified.

He was standing in the corner of his spare bedroom in the middle of that ferocious wind storm Saturday night.

“I heard something hit the side of my house. I got out of my bedroom, walked to that bedroom to shine the flashlight down on the driveway to see what happened. As soon as I turned the flashlight on, the tree fell and ‘boom’ it fell right behind me,” said the homeowner.

He says he wasn't shaken up

“I just calmly walked out of the house, locked it up, and called the insurance company,” said the homeowner. “Man, I was lucky. That's all there is to it.”

“It barely missed him,” said neighbor Richard Babcock.

Neighbors describe how intense the winds were in south hill, which is shrouded by trees.

“It was like a war zone. All the trees were cracking and breaking,” said Babcock.

Miles away in Federal Way, there were more toppled trees.

“A tree fell through the power lines and the wires were live, shooting out sparks,” said Bill Linehan of Federal Way.

SOME NEIGHBORS SAY IT WAS A FRIGHTENING SCENE. Fortunately no one was hurt there either.

In parts of Des Moines, there is no power. That means no lights, no electricity and

“It's very cold super cold,” said Julius Lipsan.

The power outage forced Lipsan and his family to bundle up until things get back online.

“Everyone is in their jackets,” he said.

As for the very lucky homeowner in South Hill, he's lived in his home for 19 years. He knows very well what mother nature can do.

“Always be prepared when they say there's a wind storm,” he said.

He said that before the storm hit, he got gas for his generators, he made sure his cellphone was charged and he had a flashlight and cellphone next to his bed.

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