WATCH: Bright flash in the sky, 'loud boom' reported in Grays Harbor County

Bright flash in the sky, 'loud boom' reported in Grays Harbor County. (Screen shot of video courtesy Derek Hnilica)

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wash. - Reports of a huge orange glow in the sky followed by a loud boom inundated the Grays Harbor County dispatch Wednesday night, according to the sheriff's office.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott said he was driving from Olympia back to Grays Harbor County, when he too saw the bright flash.

"I saw a huge flash of what appeared to be orange light, light up the entire horizon to the West," he said.

He said he didn't hear anything since he was in his car and on the road, but there were hundreds of reports of a loud boom that shook the ground.

Watch the video below courtesy Derek Hnilica:

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The Grays Harbor County Sheriff said local officials received hundreds of calls, mainly from Westport and the coastal areas from Grayland to Moclips.

"Whatever it was, was a huge, huge burst of bright light," said Sheriff Scott. "It took up the entire horizon, so it wasn't like it was a fireball, although the color was similar to what you would see with something like that."

“A little after 7, I heard a loud bang. It shook the house. We thought there was a wreck on the highway out by us,” said Gary Bryant who lives near Montesano. " We also thought it might have been a transformer blowing up."

Brian Reddick of Ocean Shores was home watching TV when he heard commotion. “We heard this loud boom,” said Reddick.

"We just heard the loud boom- not sure if it was an earthquake. The house didn’t’ shake. But it was just really loud.," said Colleen Terry of Ocean Shores.

The boom was so strong, it registered on two different seismograms from the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network. An Ocean Shores seismogram showed a red spike around 7:10pm.

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management said it has contacted the National Weather Service in Seattle about the reports. The NWS said there were no severe weather events in the area at the time.

The FAA and Western Air Defense Sector said they did not have an reports of any incidents, leading to speculation that it may have been a meteor.

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management said it is still investigating.

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