Oops! Hundreds of Seattle student test results mailed to wrong address

    SEATTLE -- Hundreds of students in the Seattle School District had some of their academic test results sent to the wrong address.

    The district said a sorting error in their spreadsheet misaligned students with their address. The result was the correct name, but incorrect mailing address on the envelopes.

    They caught the error during the initial batch of 1,200 mailings and have discovered 348 letters have been sent to the wrong address, the district said.

    The letters contained a student's name, school identification number, and their results on testing for Advanced Learning.

    "We deeply apologize for this error," district spokesperson Stacy Howard said in release to the media. "We understand exactly how concerning this is for families and community. We recognize the importance of maintaining privacy for our students and their personal information."

    The district has sent out letters to those whose results were sent to the wrong address with an apology, and have notified those who received an incorrect letter to mark the envelope "Return to Sender."

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