One man's Thanksgiving tradition is a 3-day campout outside Cabela's

JJ Childers' Thanksgiving tradition is to be first in line for the Black Friday Sale at the Tulalip Cabela’s. (Photo: KOMO News)

TULALIP, Wash. - We all have some sort of Thanksgiving Tradition.

For JJ Childers of Snohomish County, it’s trying to be first in line for the Black Friday Sale at the Tulalip Cabela’s.

It’s his fifth year doing so, the tradition started when he was just 13.

“My uncle and I came out here and it was pissing down rain,” said Childers. “We were out back hiding out in a boat playing card games all night and decided that was pretty fun.”

Now that he is 18 with some money in his pocket, you would think there must be a doorbuster deal that’s motivation enough to endure the cold and the rain.

He arrived Monday night with two friends, 80 hours before the 5 a.m. doorbuster opening.

Cabela’s traditionally throws a parking lot party for people waiting the night before Black Friday.

Childers doesn’t mind giving up a traditional Thanksgiving for waiting in line.

“I like my Thanksgiving better, I’d rather not sit around and listen to family anyways,” he said..

But, when it came down to what deal was so good to wait 80 hours in the rain for - he didn’t know.

“Last year I walked in and spent $20 and I walked back out,” said Childers. “I’m just here to camp and have a good time pretty much.”

Unlike most of those who focus on the goal of getting the big deal, Childers is all about the journey to Black Friday, waiting in the rain to buy something, not knowing what it’s going to be.

That’s #SoNorthwest.

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