Man shot dead by police after wild chase through North Seattle

Police investigate at Magnuson Park, where the chase ended and the suspect was shot by police. (KOMO photo)

SEATTLE - A man was shot dead by police after he opened fire at officers overnight during a wild high-speed chase that ended with a crash at Magnuson Park.

The drama began around 10 p.m. Monday when two suspects - a man and a woman - pulled off an armed robbery at the Forever 21 store at Northgate Mall.

Soon after that, a manager at The Galleria apartment complex nearby at 10500 Meridian Avenue North reported having a confrontation with one of the suspects in the robbery. The suspect allegedly fired a gun into the ground during the fight at the complex.

As officers responded to those two incidents, they ended up finding the male and female suspects at a location on Holman Road NW, just west of the mall and the apartment complex. The woman was taken into custody there, but the male suspect sped off in an Audi.

Officers pursued as the man started firing a weapon at them, leading them to Magnuson Park where he slammed through the gate at about 80 mph and crashed near the boat ramp.

The suspect exited the car with a gun, and multiple officers found him a short distance away and confronted him. Officers ended up fired at him and struck him.

Police then rendered first aid to the suspect until Seattle Fire Department medics could take over. He was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he later was confirmed dead.

Police say the suspect was between 25 and 35 years old. No other information was immediately available about him.

Avery West was nearby when the car crashed through the gate.

"We didn't hear anything besides the loud impact of the gate, and then the first couple of cops arriving and then the gunshots and that was it," West said.

An unknown weapon was recovered at the scene. No officers or civilians were hurt during the pursuit or the subsequent shooting. The apartment manager suffered a minor injury but did not need to be taken to the hospital.

The officers involved in the shooting will be placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation of the shooting.

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