'None of our children are safe': Lindsey Baum's mom pleads for help finding killer

Lindsey Baum (File image)

MCCLEARY, Wash. - "The fact is, a monster stole my 10-year-old little girl, and he murdered her, and he dumped her like trash in the woods."

With that blunt declaration, the mother of Lindsey Baum came forward for the first time since the discovery of her missing daughter's remains and pleaded for anyone with information to come forward and help identify her killer.

Speaking at a news conference in the small town of McCleary, where Lindsey disappeared on the evening of June 26, 2009, Melissa Baum showed just how raw her emotions still are, years later, as she spoke about the unknown person responsible for her daughter's kidnapping and death.

"The person is a monster, and I grew up teaching my children that monsters didn't exist. So now, when you tell your children that monsters don't exist, you are lying. Just keep that in mind. They do exist. They don't look like monsters. They look like your next-door neighbor. They look like the person who lives down the street, or the person who works in your school.

"So I urge anyone who has any information, any knowledge of any kind, to please come forward. We need justice. The people who did this to Lindsey deserve to be punished.

"And the children still out there - your children - deserve to be safe. And as long as we allow monsters like this on our streets, none of our children are safe."

After years with no new evidence in the case, Lindsey's remains were found in a rugged, remote area of Kittitas County in fall 2017. Her remains were identified through DNA analysis earlier this year.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott said at Thursday's news conference that the discovery of Lindsey's remains has prompted a number of people to come forward with new tips and helpful information.

"I think this is a very solvable case," he said. "I firmly believe we will find the person responsible and bring them to justice."

Watch: Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Press Conference:

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