New leads give family hope of finding missing Bonney Lake teen

New leads give family hope of finding missing Bonney Lake teen. (KOMO News)

BONNEY LAKE, Wash. -- New leads are giving family and friends new hope of finding Bonney Lake teenager Lily Christopherson, who has been missing nearly 20 days. They used the Memorial Day holiday to widen their search area.

Her mother Lena Winters is extremely worried, but encouraged that police say there have been sightings of Christopherson recently in Tacoma.

"I guess the police are confirming a sighting which I'm so glad. At least I know she was out a few days ago and okay," Winters said.

Winters hasn't gotten much sleep over the past three weeks ever since her 15-year-old daughter disappeared.

"Everybody at first told me 'don't worry, kids do this all the time.' I have to check that." It was a phone call and a photo that might be of her. "She looked pretty skinny," said Winters. "After three weeks on the street or where ever she's been."

Bonney Lake police believed she was with Christopher Fitzpatrick, a registered sex offender. He was arrested by US Marshals on Saturday in Lakewood but Christopherson wasn't with him. Fitzpatrick is in the Pierce County jail and is set to make his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

"I was so happy they caught him for a minute and I'm glad he's off the street, but I was devastated to hear my daughter is not with him," said Winters.

But that has given new hope that perhaps she's in the Lakewood area. Friends are putting up fliers at the transit hub of the Lakewood Town Center.

"Police have had sightings in the last two days," said family friend Jason Mounts. "So we just believe and hope that she's just wandering around and confused."

The reward to finding her has been doubled to $2,000. A bus driver thought she'd seen a girl matching the photos, but now with purple hair, at homeless camp near Canyon and 112th. The friends ventured into the woods to check it out, only to find the camp had just been cleared out over the weekend.

"I just want her to know I love her," said Winters, who has a personal plea to her daughter. "You might not know anyone else's number, but you know mine. Please, please call me. Please. I love you."

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