Neighborhood "hubs" encouraging emergency preparedness

Gabe's EQ Drill.JPG

SEATTLE -- Community hubs around Seattle ran an earthquake drill to inform the community and test their volunteers as part of the Cascadia Rising exercise Saturday.

A dozen hubs around the city participated, even though the City of Seattle lists around 50 emergency hub locations. During an earthquake or other disaster, these hubs will act as community information centers.

Volunteers spoke about the importance of the day given a 9.0 magnitude earthquake could limit 911 service for up to a week, which would amplify the importance of community level assistance and communication.

"You need to practice this, and every time we do it we refine it," said Frank Gaul, with the MIQA Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Gaul led the Magnolia hub Saturday, where the crew ran through several scenarios with the community, from a water shortage to widespread injuries.

Seattle's first hub was built in 2008 in West Seattle. Since then, their program has expanded greatly.

Despite the open house invitation at all 12 hubs, some saw low attendance, though in West Seattle and Lake City around 50 community members showed up to learn more about how they prepare.

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