National Weather Service confirms tornado damage near Vancouver, Wash.

NWS confirmed there was an EF-0 north of Vancouver Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017. Photo courtesy Lisa Ingle

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A tornado touched down in Washington state on Thursday, the National Weather Service has confirmed.

The tornado was classified as an EF0, at the least destructive end of the Enhanced Fujita Scale. It caused minor damage where it touched down north of Vancouver, ripping limbs from trees and knocking down fences.

Tornadoes are rare in Washington state, which averages only about two each year. Those that do hit are usually quite weak and do minimal damage.

The twister hit during an active weather week for Washington state.

Dozens of waterspouts were spotted over a 90-minute period in the waters off Whatcom County and the San Juan Islands on Wednesday morning as thunderstorms swirled in the area.

And many areas around the Puget Sound region were hit by heavy rain and hail on Thursday.

In the mountains, snow fell in the passes for the first time this fall and up to 16 inches of snow was recorded at the Paradise Ranger Station on Mount Rainier by Friday morning.

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