Mother escapes Puyallup apartment fire along with two young children


PUYALLUP, Wash. -- It was a remarkable escape by a mother and her two children when fire broke out inside their apartment unit at Cambridge Apartments in Puyallup early Sunday morning. The mom lowered her kids out the window using blankets before jumping out.

7-year-old Jonathan and his 15-month-old brother Julian are lucky to be alive thanks to the actions of their quick-thinking mother.

“She grabbed a white blanket and tied it on me,” said Jonathon. “My mom said to come to the window.”

When fire broke out in their apartment around 1 A.M. Sunday morning mother Juliana Vega-Zamora first smelled smoke. She went to the bedroom door and realized how hot it felt. So, she immediately woke up her kids and got them on the ground and then to the window.

“Me and my mom yelled help,” said Jonathan.

Then, Juliana grabbed some blankets and told Jonathan to hold on tight.

“I tied my kids up with a blanket and I put down to the window. I tell my 7 year when you go down, you take you little brother,” said Juliana.

“She like tied it on here and put me down and some people got me,” said Johnathan.

Then, Juliana sent her 15-month-old out the window the same way. Neighbors gathered below to help grab the child. And then, the mother says she jumped out the window.

Juliana says she's so grateful she and her kids are OK.

Her husband was also so relieved.

“We are lucky,” said Ruben Flores. “This was a big, big fire.”

For some reason the smoke detector was not working when fire broke out in the living room said the fire department.

But what truly helped make the difference, that Ruben closed the door to the bedroom before heading to work.

The damage to the bedroom is minimal while flames destroyed the rest of the family's apartment.

“Always close the doors to every room in your home before go to bed. If a fire starts in your laundry room, it may stay there for a while until it breaches that door,” said Captain Darrin Shaw with Central Pierce Fire.

*The fire department says that's the other crucial lesson from this apartment fire-- “close before you doze.” Firefighters say close your bedroom door and other doors in your hope before you go to sleep and if a fire breaks out, that could prevent a fire from spreading.

They also say you should know two ways out of your home and be sure to check your smoke detectors regularly.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The family lost everything in the fire. With the help of the Red Cross, they are staying at a nearby hotel for a few days.

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