Mother attacked, stabbed in West Seattle says she is 'grateful'

A West Seattle mother is still recovering from several stab wounds after she was attacked in broad daylight Monday. (KOMO News)

SEATTLE -- A West Seattle mother is still recovering from several stab wounds after she was attacked in broad daylight Monday.

Sarah Hanson was pushing her five-month-old son, Luke, in a stroller near 41st Avenue Southwest and Southwest College Street just after noon Monday when she heard footsteps behind her. She slowed down to let the person pass, but suddenly felt a knife slashing at her head and face from behind.

“I dropped to the ground right away and tried to protect my head, but realized I need to get up and run to draw her away from Luke and the stroller, and try to get neighbors out to call 911,” Hanson told KOMO News.

She pushed the stroller away and ran screaming down the street as the attacker, a 26-year-old woman, chased her. But quickly, neighbors jumped in to help.

Hanson said a 79-year-old man got in between the attacker and Hanson, and shielded her.

“She was pacing back and forth still trying to get to me,” Hanson said. “And he was just tracking her movements. Just solid and fearless.”

Eventually the woman fled down the street where police quickly surrounded her. Hanson’s husband arrived at that point, and sayid the woman calmly told officers she “didn’t do anything.”

Police said the 26-year-old woman is homeless.

Five days later, the Hansons were concerned about her health.

“I think, just lots of prayers for her, that she gets whatever help she needs, she was so removed from reality,” Sarah Hanson said. “So I think about her a lot.”

Hanson's reality is 13 stitches beneath her hair, seven on her forehead, several cuts and two partially torn tendons in her arm. She should know whether or not she needs surgery by Monday.

But the Hansons said more than anything, they feel grateful. Grateful for the neighbors who stepped in.

“He saved my life,” Sarah Hanson said referring to the man who go between the attacker. “They were all amazing.”

“It just could have been worse in a million ways,” she added. “I think it was the grace of God.”

Luke was unharmed and is happier than ever. And their family is still whole.

The 26-year-old alleged attacker is charged with first and second-degree assault. Her arraignment is scheduled for October 26.

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