Mom of teen girl killed in Edmonds apt. doesn't believe it was an accident

    Mom of teen girl killed in Edmonds apt. doesn't believe it was an accident

    EDMONDS, Wash. -- Police say a shooting that killed a teenage girl in an apartment in Edmonds was an accident. Officers are still looking for the 16-year-old Mountlake Terrace boy who they believe shot her. But the victim’s mother doesn’t believe that it was an accident.

    There are still so many questions about what exactly happened and why at the Horizon Park Apartments on November 30th.

    “There’s no easy way to comprehend what happened,” said Amanda Intveld, the victim's mother.

    Amanda Intveld can’t understand how her daughter’s life was cut short so suddenly. She says 17-year-old Gala Zuehlke was so bright and giving.

    “She wanted to go and be a teacher,” Intveld said. “She was a fighter. She always stood up for the little guys. She just wanted to make a difference.”

    Gala Zuehlke, a senior and former student at Edmonds-Woodway High School, was found shot to death inside an apartment by a friend. Zuehlke lived there with her father. Her mother and siblings live in Bellingham.

    Police say Zuehlke knew the shooter and that he’s still on the run. The 16-year-old shooter was reported missing from his family about 10 days ago, according to police. His family is working with the police to find him.

    “At least we know who it was. So at least I’m finding comfort in that they know who they are looking for,” Intveld said.

    Zuehlke’s mom never met the boy. She doesn’t know anything about him.

    “They weren’t romantically involved at all,” Intveld said.

    Intveld is still waiting for all the answers.

    “I think people take advantage of how much Gala trusted people. She just wanted to trust everyone,” said Intveld. “She automatically saw the good in people. Not everybody is good.”

    Zuehlke’s mother has her own suspicions.

    “Someone hurt her. Someone hurt her. I don’t think in my heart that it was an accident,” Intveld said.

    Grief counselors will be on campus at Edmonds-Woodway High School Monday when students and staff return.

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