Marysville teen sentenced to year in jail for death of 16-year-old in fist fight over girl

16-year-old Bobbie Myrick Jr., was badly injured in a fight with Marquis Humphrey on August 19, 2017. He died 10 days later. (Family photo)

EVERETT, Wash, - In a packed Snohomish County courtroom, friends and family of both the accused and the victim thought they knew the outcome.

15-year-old Marquis Humphrey had pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter for the death of 16-year-old Robbie Myrick Jr. KOMO News is naming the accused because of the nature of the crime and the judge’s ruling in the case.

On August 19, 2017, the two teenagers met in a place known as Spooky Woods near Pinewood Elementary School in Marysville for a fist fight over a girl.

Police said Humphrey punched Myrick, knocking him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him in the head. Even when it was apparent Myrick was helpless and unresponsive, Humphrey continued to kick him in the head.

According to court documents, Humphrey told police he thought Humphrey was dead. He and others watching the fight left Myrick without calling 911 for his injuries.

Eventually Myrick was taken to a hospital where he died 10 days later due to severe brain injuries.

Prosecutors felt they had only enough evidence to charge him with second degree manslaughter.

In a plea deal, Humphrey accepted the maximum sentence under the state for a juvenile convicted for second degree manslaughter - which is 30 days in custody.

Myrick’s family has been livid ever since, saying the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“The only way I could live with a 30 day sentence is to put him into a solitary confinement box,” Robert Myrick Sr. told Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent on Friday.

Many family members of Myrick told the judge the same thing during victim impact statements.

Reading from a prepared statement, Marquis Humphrey said, “I want rRobert's entire family know that I regret my actions daily, it was never my intention to take his life.”

But, in what the prosecutor would later say is a ‘rare’ move, Judge Okrent rejected the plea deal and the 30 day sentence finding - saying there was ‘aggravated’ reasons to extend the punishment.

“He was down on the ground, he could do nothing to you, you had won the fight if you would like to put it that way Marquis,” a passionate Okrent said looking at the accused. “For some reason I will never know, you decided to up the ante on your victim and that resulted in his death.”

Okrent then sentenced him to one year in custody instead of 30 days.

“Makes me feel a bit better that the judge seen better than the prosecutors,” Robert Myrick Sr. said after the ruling.

Humphrey’s mom was conciliatory.

“I understand both sides, I understand that 30 days,” Elimika James said after the verdict. “I’m not upset at all with the verdict, not at all.”

Other members of Humphrey’s family were visibly upset in the courtroom.

Humphrey, now 16, will begin serving his sentence immediately.

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