Man sentenced to prison in gang drive-by shooting that killed Kent toddler

    Man sentenced to prison in gang drive-by shooting that killed Kent toddler

    The family of a little girl cheered when they heard the sentence for a self-confessed gang member who took part in the drive-by shooting that took her life.

    The judge said the sentence means Marty Kime will be in his 70's before he is released.

    The crime actually happened all the way back in April of 2015, but it's taken this long for the case to play out.

    "It's taken a long time," said Lisa Lynch, the mother of Malijah Grant. "Every day has been a struggle."

    On Friday, Lynch returned to the scene, bringing flowers for the memorial set up for her daughter, who was only 1-years-old when shots rang out in what police say was a botched gang retaliation.

    After months of investigation, Kime was arrested. He was convicted of being the driver of the car that ambushed the car Lynch was driving with Malijah's father Martrice Grant in the front passenger seat.

    "I replay it every single day in my head," she said. "Turning around, looking in the back seat and seeing my baby with a gunshot wound to her head."

    In court Friday, she lashed out at Kime when it was her turn to address the Judge. "Why did you think it was okay to shoot at my family? What was your purpose? I hope God shows you no mercy. I hate you and I hope you suffer. Malijah forever," she said.

    For his part, Kime says the police got the wrong guy. "The hardest thing for me to do was come in here and apologize for something that I didn't do," he said.

    The jury felt otherwise and the judge sentenced Kime to 48 years. Malijah's family said they've been sentenced to 'life,' -- life without who they considered such a sweet girl.

    As Kime heads off to prison, police say they still hope to find whoever was the actual shooter.

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