Man runs Pacific coast in Poseidon costume, on mission to rescue ocean

David Pennington (KATU News photo)

A typical morning along Portland's waterfront includes walkers, joggers and cyclists, but one man stands out like a sore thumb, wearing a Poseidon costume.

David Pennington is running along the Pacific Ocean from Mexico, through the US and up to Canada to raise awareness for plastic wasteland on beaches. He has his Mom follow close by in his van, for support and to rest.

"It's a global problem, so I figured I'd combine Mexico, US and Canada," he said.

The idea came to him when he was visiting Indonesia and came upon a "plastic wasteland" on the country's beaches.

"I've always lived on the ocean so I kind of have a love for it. I think it's a monumental problem that we have and we're going to have to face at some point," he said.

Since last Friday, he has run 185 miles -- about 30 to 40 per day.

"It's funny, I get a lot of smiles, it's good... I like putting smiles on people's faces, it's pretty neat,"he said. "There's a lot of plastic in the ocean, so I decided dress up as Poseidon, because he's the protector of the ocean. Just to raise awareness."

If you'd like to follow his trip, check out his Instagram, @FriendlyDrifter.

His non-profit is raising money to open the first-ever waste management system and recycling facility in Indonesia.

"Lots of people who live along the ocean, they want to protect it, too, so they know the cause and why it's important," he said.

Here at home, David says we can all do little things to fight this problem, forgo the straw or plastic drink cover, for example.

"If everybody changed that habit, it would make a huge difference," he said.

With trident in hand, David's certainly doing his part.

He plans to finish his run in his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia on June 18, 2017.

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