Man protests airport security - naked

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A man who said he was fed up with being harassed by airport security stripped to his birthday suit while in an airport screening lane Tuesday evening and was arrested.

According to Portland police, John E. Brennan took off his clothes while going through airport screening at Portland International Airport just after 5:30 p.m. and stood naked before other passengers, including children.

Two screening lanes were closed as a result. Some passengers covered their eyes as well as their children's and retreated from the sight. But others laughed and began snapping photos.

TSA screeners asked Brennan to put his clothes back on, but he refused. He was arrested without incident and taken to jail, held on $4,000 bail. He faces charges of disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

While in custody, police said Brennan told them he's a frequent flyer, and he took off his clothes to protest the harassment he receives from TSA screeners when he goes through security.

Brennan was supposed to fly to San Jose, Calif.

Said Brennan's father, also John Brennan, when reached by KATU News Tuesday night: "This is quite a shock. He hasn't been under any stress that I know of. He's never really under any stress. He works for a computer company in California. He does something with the Internet, which is just kind of mystical to me. This is quite a surprise."
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