Man pleads guilty to assault in Renton theater shooting

Dane Gallion appears in a King County courtroom on Sept. 12, 2016. (Photo: KOMO News)

KENT, Wash. -- A man has pleaded guilty to third-degree assault in the accidental shooting of a woman inside a Renton movie theater.

Dane E. Gallion later told police he brought his gun because he feared a mass shooting.

A 40-year-old woman was shot in the shoulder at The Landing in Renton.

Gallion told police he took anti-anxiety medication and drank beer before attending a screening of "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi." Witnesses described Gallion as "staggering" and "stumbling" in the theater.

After the shooting, Gallion "stumbled out of the auditorium and dumped a handgun magazine into one of the trash cans in the theater before exiting," according to court documents.

Roughly 90 minutes later, Gallion's father called 911 and said he believed his son was the shooter. Police came to his Newcastle home and arrested Gallion. He told detectives he brought the loaded weapon to the movie because it "was largely combat based with gunshots and fighting and (he) feared this could spur a shooting," according to police.

Police also spoke with Gallion's wife, who said her husband was crying when he returned from the theater and admitted he had the gun in his hands because he was scared.

The shooting victim suffered a shattered clavicle.

Prosecutors have recommended a 15-month sentence while Gallion's defense attorney is arguing for 12 months.

Gallion, who remains free from custody, is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 30.

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