'Man In Tree' faces judge, ordered held on $50,000 bail

Cody Miller faces a judge on March 25, 2016. (KOMO Photo)

SEATTLE -- Cody Miller, the man who spent 25 hours atop an 80-foot tree in Downtown Seattle earlier this week, faced a judge Friday and was ordered held on $50,000 bail.

Miller is being held on investigation of malicious mischief.

It was the second attempt at an initial court appearance for Miller, who refused to come down to a scheduled court proceeding on Thursday.

Miller received a mental health evaluation hours after he was arrested late Wednesday morning. Police indicated it appears he has mental health issues.

Police reports describe in detail the tree sitter's behavior over the course of his 25-hours atop the 80-foot tall Sequoia tree on Stewart Street and 4th Avenue.

Officers say he threatened to stab them and injured an officer while throwing pine cones, causing a cut to her earlobe. He also threatened to throw feces.

And in a separate incident a few days before the tree climb, Miller allegedly admitted he had considered violence against an officer following an arrest.

Miller was taken into custody for providing a false name as police were investigating him for refusing to leave while sitting on the sidewalk outside a coffee.

Here's what an officer wrote in a report, describing what Miller allegedly said when he was released from the East Precinct.

"When (Miller) was released he stated he thought about reaching for his folding knife he had concealed in his pocket and fighting it out with police. (Miller) stated he wasn't sure if today was the day he was going to die."

A records check shows Miller also has criminal history in Oregon, involving charges of obstructing an officer, DUI, criminal mischief and criminal conduct.

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