Man attacks off-duty firefighter, 2-year-old daughter with pepper spray at Green Lake Park

(File/SBG image)

SEATTLE - An off-duty Seattle firefighter and his 2-year-old daughter were attacked with pepper spray at Green Lake Park on Wednesday night, according to Seattle Police.

Officers were called to an area near East Green Lake Way N. and NE Ravenna Blvd around 5:30 p.m.

When they arrived, the firefighter told them he and had been sprayed in the face with pepper spray by a man who was walking around the park. The pepper spray also hit his daughter's face, and she was crying.

The firefighter told officers he was walking with his daughter in his arms when saw the man take a cell phone picture of a young woman sunbathing near the lake.

The firefighter said he confronted the man and asked him if he had the woman's permission to take the photo. The man said likely didn't and walked away.

The firefighter said a short time later he saw the man taking photos of other women and confronted him again. That's when he said the man took his photo too.

When the firefighter said he was going to take the man's phone if he saw him do it again, he said the man pulled out the pepper spray and sprayed him in the face, and also hit his daughter's face. The man then ran off.

Several bystanders told police the man frequents the area and has caused disturbances before.

Police were eventually able to track down the man and get his side of the story. The man admitted to using the pepper spray and claimed it was in self defense.

He was arrested for investigation of assault and investigation of assault of a child.

The firefighter was taken to a nearby fire station for evaluation.

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