Mad rush to stock up ahead of storm

Mad rush to stock up ahead of storm (PHOTO: KOMO News)

SEATTLE — Winter supplies and food are flying off the shelves before the snow storm is expected to hit the region Friday afternoon.

Staples like bread and produce are in short supply while people are scrambling to fill up their carts.

All over the region, it was a mad rush to stock up on everything from groceries to winter supplies.

Dave Krakora doesn't remember a time when ice melt has been completely depleted — not in the 10 years he's been at Five Corners Hardware Co.

The store ran out of 5 tons of ice melt in 90 minutes.

Shovels and sleds were all gone while only a few ice-scrapers were left.

"I don't recall it ever being this busy for winter products,” said Krakora. "It says the people of Seattle are expecting a lot of snow and ice."

The store started taking pre-orders for Friday’s ice melt shipment. Rebecca Wendfeldt was one of 250 people already signed up.

“We live on a hill that's steep and people every year come up the hill in the snow and they get stuck in our yard,” said Wendfeldt.

At grocery stores, it was empty shelves, massive check-out lines and pandemonium before the winter blast.

"It was insane,” said Wendfeldt. “There were no carts, the whole parking lot was packed, food was gone off the shelves—a lot of people are freaked out about the snow."

Stores are hoping to stock up on staples like bread and more salt, hopefully before the storm hits.

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