Local truckers plan protest over controversial new rule

Trucker Cindy Marshall says the new rule will cause more problems than it will solve. (KOMO photo)

KENT, Wash. - Local truck drivers plan to gather Monday in Kent to join a national protest against a controversial new rule aimed at them.

At issue are electronic logging devices meant to keep trucks from driving too many hours. Every truck will be required to have one later this month.

Cindy Marshall is an owner-operator who plans to be at the protest.

She says that because truckers can only drive 11 hours in a 14-hour day, the logging devices prevent them from taking short breaks - and it counts against them when they're in the dock waiting to load or unload.

"We are over 100,000 drivers strong on this, and we are willing to stand up, take time out of our day and say no we're not going to do this," she says. "Enough is enough. We believe this strongly, that we will stop our trucks if that's what we have to do."

Federal regulators say the devices will save lives by keeping dangerouly tired drivers off the road - and save millions on paperwork costs.

The protest kicks off at 9 a.m. Monday near the ShoWare Center in Kent.

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