Local gymnast goes viral for perfect routine

Local gymnast goes viral for perfect routine (UCLA Athletics photo)

Katelyn Ohashi has people around the world flipping out. The 21-year-old UCLA student is flying into viral territory thanks to a routine that scored perfect 10s from the judges.

"Being there with my team, my coach, and seeing them dance with me and it just feels like home," Ohashi said in an interview with Good Morning America.

The video has been viewed nearly 40 million times but before being vaulted into social media stardom, Ohashi was just a Bellevue kid tumbling at Gymnastics East.

She hit the national stage at the American Cup in 2013 where she beat future Olympic great, Simone Biles.

But a fractured back, shoulder injuries and body shaming on the professional circuit sent her in a new direction.

"Yeah, when I was 12 years old I was on the national team and I was there for 4 years and it wasn't the same as when I was a little kid and you couldn't get me out of the gym," Ohashi said.

When doctors told her she may not compete again, she said a weight was lifted.

She confided in her coaches at UCLA.

"She came to us mid-season and said, 'I don't want to be great again,'" Ohashi;s coach, Valorie Kondos, said. "When we delved into it, she said, 'when I was great, there was nothing joyful about it, I wasn't happy, so why would I want to go back there?'"

But thanks to her team, she's found joy again as a college level powerhouse and a poet.

"I finally got my cake and ate it too, for my old self cries, and today, my self hatred says its goodbyes," Ohashi recited to an applause.

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