Local firefighters heave horse from swimming pool using tractor

Mountain View Fire & Rescue

AUBURN, Wash. - Firefighters rescued a horse from a freezing swimming pool near Flaming Geyser State Park Wednesday.

Crews hoisted the equine out of the pool using a tractor, Mountain View Fire & Rescue said. The pool had a cover on it and looked like solid ground, Tim Perciful with Mountain View Fire & Rescue said.

The horse's owner tried to pull the horse out of the pool for about an hour and 45 minutes before calling the fire department.

The horse was hypothermic after being pulled from the water and couldn't stand on his own, authorities said.

The horse's owner, firefighters, a veterinarian and animal control helped to warm the horse up with blankets.

The horse could stand on it's own after about an hour, Mountain View Fire & Rescue said. It is now stable and being treated in a stable.

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